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Universities can come out on top with HR Technology

By October 25, 2016
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Access to accurate employee information is a major challenge for universities that employ hundreds of people in varying roles and employment types.

From professors to contact centres, universities employ a wide range of people to fulfil a myriad of roles. While the delivery of knowledge and maintaining research outputs are a top priority, the fact is universities require efficient administration to stay competitive.

This is exactly what Affinity did for Open Universities.

Data Integrity

“The world of HR is constantly evolving,” Mr. Raj Khertapal, HR manager of Open Universities Australia, said.

“The biggest benefit of technology from the Affinity HRIS payroll system perspective is the fact we have data integrity, we have accuracy,”

“And we get a lot of support from Affinity which helps us maintain our data really well.”

As a single-source of information, Affinity’s fully-integrated human resource information system (HRIS) removes the need for multiple disparate systems.

Such functionality has not only ensured the ease of access to critical and timely information, but has also allowed HR generalists to perform high-level analyses. In an age where data is paramount, access to automated reporting provides visibility to critical information to assist in strategic decision making.

The Challenge of Time Pressure

However, a recent PeopleStreme study showed that HR processionals are often unable to allocate much time to strategic planning and analysis. Instead, they are often bogged down by other lower-level administrative tasks like managing timesheets and updating employee information.

To ease such time pressures, Affinity has removed manual administration effort for payroll, rostering, leave management, onboarding and performance management via workflow and automation.

Automatic Administration

In the case of Open University, the adoption of automated rostering and time-sheeting not only resulted in a paperless HR operation, but also removed labour wastage.

“We have taken on board the rostering system and the timesheets. The whole automation of those aspects has really gone a long way in saving us lots of money,” Mr. Khertapal said.

“This also helps us tremendously because we have a very large contact centre operation and there are more than 120 employees in that operation alone.”

As a modern cloud-based payroll and HR system, Affinity’s services are consistently available to employers and staff on-the-go across multiple devices. To find out more about what we can offer your organisation, speak with us today.

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