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Organisations such as Sportsbet are saving an average of 10 hours a week per HR person and the average cost of $406 per employee through Clever Forms. The latest offering by Affinity Employer Services, Clever Forms reduces the need for manual administration of employee information.

“HR staff on average waste 26% of their time on manual administration and intervention,” said Dennis Pivac, Director of Business Development, Affinity Employer Services.

“Our innovative electronic HR forms and simple user configurable workflow solves this problem, by removing all manual paper processes and compliance management, enabling HR with more time for HR business support.”

The first trial of Clever Forms was at Jenny Craig in 2014, with later versions rolled out and integrated into 38% of existing clients payroll system in 2015. The high take up has continued with 98% of new clients buying the module.

Clever Forms was most recently introduced to the City of Tea Tree Gully in May, 2015 which has seen a reduction of paper forms by 72% for the South Australian local council and an 86% improvement in processes.

Gareth James, Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator, City of Tea Tree Gully who was responsible for integrating the new technology into the council said he would recommend Clever Forms to other councils.

“All councils are looking for what the future holds and how the workplace should look in the future.  A paperless documentation environment with paperless workflows, that Clever Forms delivers, fits this model perfectly,” says Gareth.

“Clever Forms was designed to contain everything a business needs to manage their employees more efficiently across the board.  It fills in the gaps that other systems don’t,” says Bruce Sullivan, Technology Director, Affinity Employer Services. “Automation of data management has enabled us with valid information in which can trust.”

The Clever Forms module comprises some 28 standard forms (such as new employee commencement forms, superannuation forms, timesheets right through to exit and termination forms) and has the capacity to tailor custom forms with an easy drag and drop functionality.

All forms are linked to an automated workflow process with collected information contained to the database and stored against employee master files and full reporting and notification scheduling is available. Additional capabilities include the ability to embed videos in forms such as for training and development purposes and a drawing panel ideal for Health and Safety incident reports.

“While we aren’t the first workflow online system on the market our difference is that we are a company that is employee centric rather than department focused,” says Bruce.

The Clever Forms module is part of the Affinity Payroll System. To receive information regarding Clever Forms or Affinity’s integrated Payroll and HR system visit or call 1800 788 326.

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