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HRIS systems humanise HR departments

By February 19, 2016
HRIS System

Affinity’s HRIS system puts people first

Contrary to myth: implementing an HRIS system in your organisation’s Human Resources department does not mean replacing them; instead it effectively equips them with the technology to remove manual admin enabling them to focus on the core of their role – the human factor.

For HR managers, it means greater face time, an improved process, and overall better use of employee data.

Here are additional advantages of working with a modern, integrated HRIS system:

Less paper, more time

Two benefits from the one feature:

When you digitalise your paper with an HRIS system, you no longer have to deal with skyscraper stacks of documents – the benefits:

  1. Improved efficiency via streamlined processes
  2. Minimise compliance breach
  3. Information outputs you can trust

To talk straight – an HRIS system simply makes operations easier, more streamlined, more concise and more efficient. The outcome is less risk of error and greater cost savings over the long-term.

HRIS systems provide greater face-time with employees

With no paper, and the ability for employee information to be help in a single record in the one system, a HRIS system like Affinity puts greater focus on the needs of employees – new and existing, providing HR leaders with the valuable time they need to simply take care of their organisation’s workforce.

Best practice is built on leading-edge technology

Updating your Human Resources department with an integrated HRIS system helps you to recover time lost dealing with tasks that could easily be completed via a streamlined solution. Accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop, Affinity’s clever HRIS system puts your employees first by automating manual tasks that simply take your HR managers off task

HRIS systems get more out of your workforce

Imagine an HR department that has time to spend real, meaningful face-time with their people.

From onboarding to the management of all employee information, an HRIS system removes tedious HR processes, optimising your workforce and allowing you to focus on your people.

Affinity takes the hard part out HR management with smarter software.

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HRIS System

HRIS systems humanise HR departments

Contrary to myth: implementing an HRIS system in your organisation’s Human Resources department does not mean replacing them;

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