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Labour Cost Control

Manage labour costs.

Access accurate data to optimise labour and reduce costs. Affinity specialises in advanced labour cost management. Our software integrates with other systems, providing real-time analytics and on-demand reports. Compare actual costs to budgets and receive alerts as issues arise.

Payroll Costing

Allocate unlimited cost centres with percentage splits, actual hours or other cost dimensions. Configurable cost and on-cost mapping, and accruals to your finance system.


Accurate on-costs and accruals.
Configurable GL mapping rules.
Meet operational and financial requirements.

Payroll Costing
Workforce Costing

Workforce Costing

Cost employees independent of payroll costing. Accurately track multiple cost dimensions such as project, task, job and work order. Quantify resource allocation and utilisation.


Deliver on budget.
Automatic balance to payroll.
Improve resource planning and utilisation.

Integrate with Other Systems

Harmonise and increase the value of existing systems with flexible two-way integration. Source valid codes and budgets from existing systems, update them with actual time and cost data.


Single point of entry.
No manual or duplicated effort.
Centralised reporting and analysis.

System integration
Time Sheets

Timesheet Capture

Capture timesheets and labour cost allocations from other systems, devices or online. Configurable to reflect the needs of different teams and systems. Options for award and contract interpretation.


Accurate and efficient capture.
Automated extensions.
Increased efficiency.
Streamlined approvals.

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