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Payroll Solutions

Clever Payroll Solutions

Simplifying payroll processes.

Flexibility and innovation. The Affinity system is a cost-effective, automated payroll and HR solution that’s simple to use and reduces effort.

 No more disparate systems.
 Extensive reporting and query tools.
 Advanced, real-time labour costing.
Reduced admin overhead.

Integrates with third-party systems.
Sophisticated award interpretation engine.
Superior automation and workflow.

Payroll System Modules

Award Interpretation

Accurate award, EBA and contract rules calculation. Constant evaluation of hours, rates, allowances and loadings. Correct handling of employees who hold multiple positions.

Multiple-Position Management

Employees in multiple positions are paid according to their award at the time of occupancy.

Data Capture

Wide-ranging data-capture options including online timesheets, integrated time and attendance, rostering and leave. Extensive employee and manager self-service options.

Leave Management

Automated accruals and rules. Leave history records. Employee and manager self-service options.

Zero Payroll Errors

Affinity Zero quickly analyses payroll data, compares it to prior periods and checks for compliance.

Timesheet Management

Wide-ranging time-capture options. Smart integration with external project and ERP systems. Employee and manager self-service options.

Self-Service and Workflow

Our self-service tools and dashboards for managers and employees empower staff and enable better information and workflow management.

Remuneration Packaging

Models and manages remuneration packages including FBT, budgets, superannuation and cash.

Termination Wizard

Automates complex Australian terminations. Generates all documentation and certificates.

Date Sensitivity

Automated date sensitivity for new starters and terminations. Removes manual intervention.

Labour Costing

Manage labour costs at cost centre, job or project level. Get immediate visibility over resource allocation. Plan future capability. Compare budget vs actual as costs are incurred.

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Case Study - APN

Cloud Payroll Solution

APN News & Media

APN News & Media manages a portfolio of media assets in Australia and New Zealand including newspapers, publishing, radio, outdoor and digital media. APN News and Media has 4,500 employees in up to 120 payroll groups.

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Affinity HR and Payroll Software - organising employee information.

Affinity is very focused on automation, and removing manual and paper-based tasks which is exactly the challenge we’re trying to meet.

Mark Smith, GM Finance, APN Sydney

Our HRIS system has been extended beyond pure payroll into supporting processes that are specific to each country.

Mark Smith, GM Finance, APN Sydney