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Reduce labour costs by up to 5% through better workforce planning, costing and utilisation. Reduce effort. Create rosters and work schedules that match your budget.

Rostering Tools

Colour-coded rosters can be linked to shifts simply by dragging and dropping. Simple to use and incorporating graphics and fast data entry, this smart module saves time and effort. Comparisons and modelling let you optimise labour whilst assigning appropriate skills and resources.

Rosters can be rolled forward, copied forward or imported from third-party applications like Excel®.

Affinity’s payroll engine calculates payroll costs per shift or roster as soon as rosters are created. Payroll costs include on-costs, allowances, loading and overtime. Real-time access lets you compare actual labour costs to budget. Our rostering software also notifies managers if budgets or hours are exceeded, and the costs incurred.

Reduce labour costs.
Convert rosters to timesheets.
Real-time budget comparisons.