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Labour Optimisation

Choose from a range of labour cost management options. Forecast rostered or scheduled times and costs, actual times and costs, and budgeted time and costs.

Labour optimisation means utilising the best people to reduce costs and increase quality. Affinity provides labour-costing data in real time, allowing you to closely monitor labour costs (including on-costs) and affect change fast.

Affinity’s integrated workforce optimisation tools let you roster people based on lowest cost, to meet quality standards and customer demand. Monitor actual costs against forecasted labour budgets in real time. Automate payment rules (awards, contracts) to reduce manual intervention, error and re-work.

Budgets for labour costs and sales transactions can be imported from Excel® or entered manually against locations, cost centres, departments, jobs and positions. Budgets can also be created from rosters or schedules then compared to actuals. Third-party system calculations can be imported.

Capture employee start/finish times electronically or enter manually as variations. Base rosters on (or compare them to) productivity measures like the number of sales transactions per employee.

Viewing actual labour costs as they occur allows you to accurately model project rosters, and track them more closely. Live-streaming labour costs combined with superior workforce management functionality increases productivity and reduces labour wastage.