Human Capital Management

All employee information in one place. Save time and improve employee performance. Automatically adopt organisation-wide HR best practice for human capital management.

HR Masterfile

All employee information held in a single record within the same system.

HR Document Management

Store related documents against each employee masterfile. Secure access can be provided to employees and managers via self-service. Send policy updates to all affected employees instantly.


Empower managers, employees and recruiters to evaluate and track candidates. Automate employee on-boarding to create a positive first impression. Deliver an engaging, interactive experience for new starters.

Performance Management

Affinity makes it easy to align business strategy with workforce tasks and goals. Our performance management module offers a range of tools including customised performance appraisals, reviews and KPI dashboards.

Learning and Development

Identify skills gaps and monitor the expiry of certifications and licences required for specific positions. Manage tutors, teaching venues and equipment.

Talent Management

Improve talent readiness for quick succession to vacant positions. Reduce turnover by identifying and addressing issues and opportunities. Map succession scenarios for any position and make the most of internal talent.

Remuneration Management

Automate time-intensive tasks to gain visibility of the remuneration process. Manage base salary increments and bonuses. Emphasise pay-for-performance and drive business outcomes.

Workforce Management

Built-in workforce planning and forecasting tools help manage existing resources and plan future needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Tap into a comprehensive suite of reports and analytical tools. Decision-makers get instant access to strategic information. Workforce analytics, HR metrics and labour costs are reported in real time. Report by employee, department, cost centre and more.

Engagement Surveys

Analyse survey results to find out how HR is performing against strategy. Understand how employee engagement aligns to attraction strategy and company culture.