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How to ensure your payroll system is not the office joke

By August 19, 2016
Affinity Team - How to ensure your payroll system is not the office joke

Errors in payroll is no laughing matter so if your processes are making you look foolish, it’s time for a digital upgrade.

While there are certainly plenty of jokes and memes about payroll when something goes wrong with pay, it is no laughing matter.

There is an expectation on payroll to be error-free and on time for all staff and management. Yet, often issues that are out of your control still occur. These issues normally stem from outdated payroll processing software.

If you are experiencing continual problems with an outdated payroll system, it could be time to take your head out of the clouds and put your payroll system up there instead.

The benefits of a SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud payroll system – such as digitisation and automation – will deliver a more consistent and 99.9% error free process.

Best of all, it will ease the continual frustrations experienced by our payroll team, allowing them to concentrate fully on adding strategic value to your company.

By integrating a digital, automated process you can expect to:

Stop hunting for timesheets

Tired of chasing people for their timesheets again and again?

By automating the manual timesheet procedure you will spend less time hassling people to do the simple task of submitting their timesheet information.

Staff can submit their timesheets online and managers will be automatically notified if people forget to submit timesheets. Automated workflow processes assist with compliance requirements – especially important for a remote workforce.

No more manipulating last pay period data in excel

Data capture and reporting in a modern cloud based payroll system such as Affinity is in real time. Reports are based on what is actually happening and not based on previous pay periods.

Imagine having to no longer export .csv and .txt files into spreadsheets and setup macros, pivot tables and data sorting.

Real time reporting is also helpful when you have to produce reports quickly for management. You will score brownie points by being able to provide accurate labour costs information. You can either run a report at a click of a button or set up workflows so reports are automatically sent to managers.

Eliminate fiddly manual interventions

How much time does your department spend on those small and fiddly, but often significant chores daily (such as changing an employee’s cost centre codes, overtime, bank details etc.)?

With automation you can eliminate the need to be the middle man by giving staff secure online access to their own information, or the system can automatically apply the appropriate calculations based on business rules already set.

Affinity’s employee self-service functionality allows staff to update their own details directly by logging into their profile and updating information accordingly. They can only change information applicable to their security profile and role.

Managers can also access the information of team members. Dashboards display tasks that managers need to administer taking the pressure off the payroll team to provide ongoing reports on team data.

You can automate so much with the right payroll system. No manual notes or reminders ever again. Sleep well knowing you haven’t forgotten anything.

Avoid calculating headaches

When it comes to being compliant with awards, EBAs, superannuation, remuneration, multiple positions and contract rules– calculations can be a real headache.

A modern digital payroll system can accurately interpret various wage rules related to each individual staff member reducing the risk of non-compliance and providing more accurate reporting.

In fact, Affinity’s payroll software can actively compare payroll data from prior periods to check for anomalies or non-compliance.

What’s not to love about zero payroll errors?

There is a better way

As you long suspected, there is a better way of administering payroll than putting up with a cumbersome system that has turned your processes into a joke.

By upgrading your old payroll software to a modern digital cloud payroll system, you can take the strain out of your daily grind and deliver a better and more consistent service.

Start investigating how you can eliminate your daily frustrations and simplify your role with our Payroll System Checklist.

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