Summer 2020

Sharing a Payroll Analyst Query

Want to share your query with other Affinity users so they can also reap the benefits? The ability to share Payroll Analyst queries was added to Affinity in 2020. Simply save your query, click then select the users.

Quickly Adding Items to Lookup Fields

Lookup items are managed in the Dictionaries module in Affinity (‘dictionary’ is another name for database table). Rather than update the dictionary itself, you can simply double-click a lookup field (while a screen is in edit mode) to add an item. Be sure to ask your Affinity system admin to run the Generate Lookups process to share your changes with other Affinity users.

Deleting Rows of Information in Masterfiles

Just how do you delete individual rows of data from masterfiles like position profiles? Simply select the row then press Ctrl and Delete together.

Viewing All Masterfile Field Values at Once

Ever wondered if there is a way to view all of the values in masterfiles in a format similar to a spreadsheet? Administrator > View Window Manager lets you do just that. It’s useful when you need to check field values without scrolling through lots of records and screens. You can also compare fields in multiple screens side-by-side.

Knowing How to Use Every Affinity Feature

Perhaps the biggest hack of all? The Affinity help centre! Press F1 from anywhere in Affinity to open it and learn how to get the best out of Affinity.