Spring 2020

Capturing Extra Information About Employees

The Challenge

Affinity’s many fields capture a wide range of information. Sometimes this is not enough — especially in extraordinary circumstances.

The Solution: Flexifields

Did you know that there are dozens of configurable fields called ‘flexifields’ that you can use to record extra information? Flexifields are available in several Affinity screens including employee masterfiles, pay element masterfiles and position profiles. You can rename them and turn them into lookups, data-entry or date fields, then use them to record extra data. They can also be added to Clever Forms, just like you would any other Affinity field.

Flexifields are maintained in Systems > Flexifield Setup in Affinity. Anyone with admin access can configure flexifields.

Employee Emergency Contacts

The Challenge

How to easily capture and share employee emergency contact details with managers in your organisation.

Before You Begin

Please be aware of the relevant privacy regulations in your country when using this feature. We encourage our customers to consider their obligations with respect to the collection and dissemination of personal information.

The Solution: Clever Forms and Staff Search

Clever Forms lets you design forms that automate processes, ranging from requests for training to onboarding new employees. Did you know that you can also use Clever Forms to add extra fields to the My Details page in the Dashboard?

The My Details page is just another form. Anyone in your organisation with Clever Forms designer access can make changes to this form, adding extra information as you need it.

The emergency contact details for each manager’s direct and indirect reports are available in the Dashboard.

Communicating to Staff

The Challenge

Sending short and consistent messages to staff on a regular basis without burdening them with yet another document to read.

The Solution: Payslip Messages

You can send messages to one employee or a whole bunch of employees via their payslips. For one employee, use the feature in the Timesheet screen in Affinity.

For bulk messages, use the Payslip Messages (Bulk) feature under the Reporting > Payslips menu in Affinity. You can control who gets messages based on pay point, worker type, location and more. You can also choose which pay period in which to publish messages.