October 2015

Adding a Company Logo to Affinity

Did you know…

You can store your company logo in Affinity?


Administrator > Company Setup


Company logos appear on selected Affinity reports.

How to use
  1. Save the logo graphic to the Affinity desktop.
  2. From the menu select Administrator > Company Setup then double-click Company Setup.
  3. Select the Company Logo tab.
  • select Edit
  • right-click the grey box
  • select ..
  • browse to the logo graphic and open it
  1. The logo appears on the screen:

Don’t worry if your logo does not fit in the grey box: it is automatically re-sized when the report is generated. Select Save.

Adding Photos to Employee Masterfiles

Did you know…

You can store photos of employees in their masterfile?


Payroll > Masterfiles > Employee Details

How to use
  1. Save the photo to your local computer (not the Affinity desktop).
  2. Open the photo in Microsoft Paint.
  3. Select Ctrl A to select the image then Ctrl C to copy it.
  1. Open Affinity. From the menu select Payroll > Masterfiles > Employee Details.
  2. Open the employee masterfile and select Edit.
  3. Click to select the Employee photograph frame so a black border appears:
  1. Right-click and select Paste from Clipboard.
  2. The image appears in the frame. Select Save.

Processing a Pay Run with Multiple Approvers

Did you know…

You can have more than one payroll approver?


Payroll > Processing > Payroll AUTO Processing


This process is for organisations with more than one payroll approver for the pay point. The pay run cannot go ahead until all approvers have approved it. This process should only be used by organisations that are set up to initiate their own payroll processing (instead of outsourcing the task to Affinity Employer Services).

How to use

This process summarises all of the procedures required to run a payroll and pay staff.

Part 1: Preparation

Ensure the following tasks have been completed:

  • A virtual payroll has been run and authorised according to your own policies.
  • If necessary, extra virtual payrolls have been run (the last having been checked and signed off as final).

Part 2: Run the Payroll

  1. Initiate payroll auto processing using the normal method (Payroll > Processing > Payroll AUTO Processing).
  2. When the Payroll Processing screen appears, select the pay point that you want to process then select Next.
  1. The next screen shows that further authorisation is required for this pay point:

When you select Process, this message appears:

  1. Select Yes to allow the other approvers to approve (the pay will not start processing).
  2. The remaining approvers must now login to Affinity and repeat steps 1 – 3 until all approvals have been received by the system. The remaining approvers can easily see who has already approved the payroll:
  1. When the final approver selects Process, this message appears:

Selecting Yes will process the payroll.

Pay Codes

TOTGR (Total Gross)

Automatically generated during payroll processing, this code tells you the total gross payment made to an employee for the period. It appears on some standard reports. This code cannot be used in timesheets or pay adjustments but it can be used in Payroll Analyst and when creating customised queries in Query Manager.

TOTTGR (Total Taxable Gross)

Automatically generated during payroll processing, this code indicates the total taxable gross payment to an employee for the period. Unlike TOTGR it excludes non-taxable allowances. This code cannot be used in timesheets or pay adjustments, but it can be used in Payroll Analyst and Query Manager to quickly report on an employee’s total taxable gross.