December 2015

Project Annual Leave for an Employee


Main Menu > Payroll > Masterfiles > Leave History


This feature lets you estimate how much annual leave an employee will have available on a future date.

How to use
  1. Go to Main Menu > Payroll > Masterfiles > Leave History. From the Current tab select the Annual Leave Projection button:
  1. When the Employee Leave Projection screen appears, select a projection date and enter the annual entitlement units (e.g. 160 hours per year). Select Re-Calculate:
  1. The left column shows the current entitlement; the right shows the future estimated entitlement. See Affinity Help for more information (including a video).

Improvements to Bulk Entry Timesheets


Main Menu > Payroll > Timesheets > Bulk Entry


Bulk-entry timesheets let you pay the same day’s worked hours to a large number of employees at the same time. Perfect for paying public holidays.

How to use
  1. Go to Main Menu > Payroll > Timesheets > Bulk Entry. When the Timesheet – Bulk Entry screen appears, select the date of the public holiday, the rate (if this differs from employee masterfiles) and the relevant cost centre or job number to cost time against:
  1. You have the option to base timesheets on existing work schedules/standard hours. And, if timesheets already exist for the selected date, you can also ask Affinity to auto-reduce those hours by the new timesheet hours. When you’re ready, select Next.

If your pay code is set up in Affinity to track history, this screen appears next:

  1. Select Next.

The next screen lets you include and exclude employees based on a number of criteria. You can even invoke the MSS statutory holidays calendar by selecting the Only Employees with a Stat Holiday set up option:

  1. The last screen lists all employees for whom a timesheet will be created. Notice the difference in hours? Employee 195 is on a personal work schedule which states he usually works 10 hours on the date the holiday falls. Employee 197 is a part-timer. When you’re ready to create timesheets, select Create TS:

Here’s an example of a salaried full-time employee without a personal work schedule:

Here’s an example of a salaried employee with a work schedule which specifies that 10 hours is normally worked on the day that the statutory holiday falls:

See Affinity Help for more information.

Find out Who in Your Team Is Taking Leave


From Affinity Employee Self Service, select My Company > Team Leave Calendar.


This calendar shows all pending and approved leave booked by people who report to the same manager. Great for planning team leave and avoiding conflicting leave periods for critical staff.

How to use
  1. From the menu select My Company > Team Leave Calendar. Select a date range to view then select the Display button:
  1. Approved leave is shown in green; pending (to-be-approved) leave is shown in yellow.


After renaming flexifield labels, the Affinity system administrator must run the Administrator > Synchronise Flexifields process or no other users will see the changes