Affinity stars as central character in Hoyts HR & payroll automation

Hoyts Objectives

  • Give staff more autonomy in accessing personal information and timesheets
  • Provide a higher visibility to managers on their labour costs
  • Centralise payroll function for Australia and New Zealand
  • Consolidate reporting
  • Maintain a single source database for payroll and human resources

Project Scope

  • Human Resources solution for 3000 employees
  • Manager and employee self service
  • On-line real time labour cost reporting functionality for managers
  • Implement Time and Attendance software
  • HR Self Service and manager dashboards

“Since premiering Affinity’s Payroll and HRIS system in its operations, Hoyts has been able to empower staff, react more nimbly to fluctuating product sales and free up HR staff to concentrate on core HR requirements..”

With a workforce of more than 3,000 staff working in 50 locations across both Australia and New Zealand, Hoyts recently took the opportunity to implement new functionality that would better support business productivity.

A challenging script

With little control over their movie product, a need for operations managers to be able to respond nimbly to fluctuating demand is imperative.
Yet, with a slim line team of only two HR and two payroll officers managing the daily transactions of the company’s 3000 strong workforce , payroll processing was draining a majority of the team’s time and resources. Taking staff away from providing high level reporting and core HR support. Adding to the complexity was a weekly and a monthly payroll cycle.

Change was required.  The entertainment company identified clear objectives and a project scope.

Affinity pleases the critics

After much consultation, Hoyts appointed Affinity to integrate its payroll and HRIS system across the organisation.

Time sheets and employee self service

Hoyts has now streamlined and simplified the management of time and attendance through Affinity which streams directly into the company’s accounting system (no waiting for imports or exports!) so the transparency for employees and managers is immediate.

Highlights of the automated system include:

  • Direct mobile access for employees to rosters via a self-service
  • An instant messaging system that alerts staff to roster updates
  • An employee self-service system providing staff the capability to change their availability, apply for leave and update personal details directly via the platform

“Employee self-service is really important to us as a business…changing personal details that kind of transactional activity is really important to empower the employees to be able to do that for themselves. And it certainly saves us in terms of resources.” Jodi Paton, General Manager Human Resources, Hoyts.

Reporting, higher visibility and labour costing

The granular reporting capabilities of the Affinity system also provides managers with real-time, higher visibility to labour costs so they have the information to make decisions immediately.

“We have the ability to…close off timesheets on a Wednesday night in our cinema operation, process payroll on a Thursday morning and have reporting out through our finance team on a Thursday afternoon, back to our operations managers.”

As a result the company – that has changed its structure form 99% casual to approximately 70% permanent part time and full time – now has the capability to forecast more accurately its staffing needs and react more nimbly to fluctuations in ticket sales.

“We have weekly, even daily fluctuations sometimes in terms of the product that we’re actually delivering so the ability to react and have the transparency in reports on an immediate basis is really important to us as a business.”

Highlights of the reporting capabilities for managers include:

  • Customisable reports for any of the fields used in Affinity
  • Easy to obtain reports to monitor compliance and business processes
  • Confidence in knowing reports are accurate

“…gives us the ability then to empower our managers to have that right information to make decisions about their team…:”

“Affinity has allowed us to reduce payroll and HR administration time to allow us to focus on core HR.

An Affinity Sequel

The original integration was met with such fanfare, Hoyts is again turning to Affinity to further optimise and streamline their processes further.

The company is reviewing the Clever Forms module which will alleviate even further the paper trail and manual processing around some of the employee activities.

“Streamlining information has really helped to enable and empower our managers, in terms of the transparency that they can get about their employees and that’s really important.”

Key Benefits

  • Greater analysis – facilitates informed planning and decision making
  • Automation to reduce operational internal effort – 68%
  • Reduced manual transaction handling 92 %
  • Automated alerts on potential areas of risk or compliance breach
  • Single repository for HR data and reporting

Project Highlights

  • Better utilisation of labour across business units
  • Reduction in IT infrastructure costs
  • Moved ownership of employee transactions to line manager through self service
  • Access to real time reporting and labour costing
  • Implemented in under 4 months on budget
The service model enables us to rapidly add new employees as we expand our business.”

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