2018 Recruiting Trends

Talent Recruitment

83% of Business Leaders count talent acquisition as one of the top 3  concerns for business today seeing it as no longer just the responsibility of HR.

A Visible Brand

In a world where candidates now find the employer, a company’s employment brand must be both highly visible and attractive.

Diversity Recruitment Trends

Diversity is becoming a common part of business strategy with:

Seeing diversity as the most embraced trend
Seeing diversity as  the most embraced trend
See diversity as a way to improve culture
To better represent customers

Talent Acquisition Channels

The top three talent acquisition channels identified by organisations are:


Employee referrals


Professional networking sites


Internal candidates

The Rise of Data

50% of talent acquisition professionals see data as critical to the use of hiring, yet only 18% actively use it.

Data is being used to better understand attrition,skills gap, and offer-compensation issues

Top uses of uses of data in talent acquisition are:

Increase retention
Build better offers
Evaluate skills gaps
Do workforce planning
Understand candidate wants
Predict candidate success
Assess talent supply and demand
Compare talent metrics to competitors’
Forecast hiring demands

The new tools of recruitment

While traditional structured interview is key in recruitment at 74%, new tools of assessment are being increasingly used.

Soft skills assessments
Job auditions
Meeting in casual settings
Virtual reality assessments
Video interviews

Effectiveness of Interactive Media

Digital, video, analytics and virtual reality (VR) are changing the way companies areconnecting, attracting and recruiting new staff.

Job postings on Facebook that feature videos receive 36% more applications.
29% of global business leaders are using games and simulations to attract and assess potential candidates.

Artificial Intelligence

76% of talent acquisition professionals say AI’s impact on recruiting will be somewhat significant.

The benefits of AI.

Save time
Remove human bias
Deliver best candidate matches
Saves money
Sources: LinkedIn Talent Solutions “Global Recruiting Trends 2018” and 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report “Rewriting the rules for the digital age”

Recruiting trends to consider for 2018