Payroll Software

Payroll Key Features:
  • Termination Wizard
  • Zero Payroll Errors
  • Leave Calculation
  • Award Interpretation
  • Leave Management
  • Self Service
  • Manager Dashboards
  • Reporting tools
  • FTE Reports

Affinity is a complete payroll software!

Payroll is a complex and critical business function for any organisation. Affinity provides a clever payroll system that is robust, cost effective, and proven to support enterprises in the effective and efficient management of payroll. Affinity is easily implemented and simple to use with tools like termination wizards and configurable business rules to remove manual calculation to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The Affinity payroll system also optionally incorporates time and attendance to automate payment calculations.

Our Payroll software allows for the input of multiple EBA’s/Awards regardless of conditions and priorities. Payment conditions can be varied down to project/job level according to your preference.

Whether it is EBA/Award or employee based, allowances can be easily maintained and configured accordingly when you use Affinity.

Affinity’s payroll service is unique because it provides two independent costing systems. This gives you the ability to split or analyse costs across two different streams. Accurate costing can be generated using configurable or standard elements that include:

  • Project
  • Task
  • Client
  • Cost Centre
  • Division
  • Group
  • Pay Group
  • Position/Role

Any pay elements or overheads can be apportioned based on projects worked or default percentage split on any number of allocations.

In addition, real time daily labour costs are provided to enable companies to pre cost labour, create shifts/roster and labour budget cost comparison, which gives you more cost organised labour utilisation.

These requirements are met with costing allocations (unlimited) set at:

  • Employee Level (usually for default or standard allocations)
  • Based on Roster or Project Allocation
  • Timesheet entry level

Our cloud based payroll service gives you the convenience of accessing timesheets anywhere at any time you want. Make corrections to timesheets, or upload rosters, allocations and costing data from any third-party systems.

Swiftly view and manage varying timesheets in one single go, and customise the level of approval that you need.

The automatic re-calculation feature provides options for back pay or adjustments on hours/rates that can be applied to closed periods.

The Affinity termination wizard gives you the ability to instantly calculate employee final payment details for any scenario (resignation, redundancy quote, etc.) without finalising the termination.
The termination wizard produces PDFs with calculation details for internal use and summarised versions for employees.

Avoid costly mistakes by removing manual input and calculus. Automate your payroll functions with easy-to-use wizards and workflow tools, and get accurate results on your output. Real time, automated date range processing engines gives you up to date payroll output so that you can better manage and control labour costs.

Fast and accurate payroll processing is essential to any organisation. Affinity’s highly integrated payroll software module allows effortless input and accurate output. The payroll master file information can be shared across all parts of the system which helps to reduce accidental double entry.

Accurate recording of an employee's time and productivity is essential for decision making within all companies. Our time and attendance software module allows you to easily monitor employee attendance, absence and cost centre details, amongst other things.