Payroll Systems

  • Streamline complex payroll and reporting
  • Improve accuracy and achieve error-free results
  • Reduce manual tasks and reliance on specialists
  • Boost compliance and improve employee data quality
  • Access information from mobile devices
  • Lower the cost of rollouts and support
Key Features:
  • Termination Wizard
  • Zero Payroll Errors
  • Award Interpretation
  • Leave Management
  • Self Service
  • Manager Dashboards
  • Reporting tools

Complete Payroll Package

Managing payroll services is complex and time-consuming. Paying staff might seem simple, but the risk of error and re-work is high. Over-payments can go undetected; underpaid staff quickly lose faith.

This is where Affinity can help.

Affinity is a clever online payroll systems. It streamlines complex payroll, automates critical tasks and provides error-free results.

Affinity’s cloud payroll system allows you to manage payroll in-house. Our integrated payroll software and HR software delivers the right information to the right people:

  • Budgeted vs actual costs
  • On-costs and state taxes
  • Visibility over any time period
  • Detailed costs per job, task, project or employee
  • Access to data from other systems, providing a complete view of costs

We can Manage your Payroll

Prefer not to manage your own payroll? Opt for our personalised payroll outsourcing service. Our skilled team will ensure your payrolls are error-free, on time and transparent.

Payroll System Application Modules

Affinity provides a range of options including online timesheets, integrated time and attendance, rostering and leave management.

Leave it to us. Automated accruals and application rules, online payroll balances, historic information and manager approvals. Non-standard leave approvals and alerts.

Affinity Zero is a smart tool that quickly analyses your payroll data, compares it to prior periods and checks for compliance. Results are reported in an easy-to-digest format with drill-down options. Achieve 99.9% accuracy and ensure timely employee payment.

Our self-service tools and dashboards for managers and employees empower staff and enable better information and workflow management.

Get the whole package. Model and manage remuneration packages including FBT, budgets, superannuation and cash components.

This module manages staff terminations easily and quickly. Australian employers can use this module to generate Payment Summary and Separation Certificates.

Automated date sensitivity for new starters and terminations, removing the need for manual intervention. Manage back pay, ad-hoc and off-cycle payments.

A valuable tool for trans-Tasman operations. We can provide a single database for Australia and New Zealand payrolls with the option to integrate with over 70 countries.

Get timely access to your payroll data. Affinity includes a range of standard reports and a query tool for deeper analysis.

Instant access to consistent and accurate award, EBA and contract conditions. Constantly evaluates elapsed hours and/or start-finish times to calculate hours, rates, loadings, penalties and allowances.

Simplify your rosters. Deliver appropriately-skilled resource to where it matters, at the lowest cost. Align rosters to budgets or resource availability. Affinity automatically calculates the cost of each shift and alerts budget blow-outs and employment conditions/compliance issues.

Easily refine timesheets and workflow. Integrate selectable information from external sources such as project management and ERP systems. Automatically update third-party systems with present-moment data.