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Organising Employee Information

There simply is no other system to simplify and present complete, valid meaningful information to supports decisions that control labour costs, improve business effectiveness, controls and compliance.

‘How to make visible, all of the information, provided at the right time, to the right people in the right format, to make - the right decisions.’

Affinity captures all employee related data including information from other business systems and presents complete useful information from a single system view. This eliminates multiple system data entry and multiple system access to obtain valid, timely, trusted information.

Our single source system collects and stores all your employee related transactional information, including information from other systems (e.g: Project, CRM, Finance etc.), and delivers this information to the organisation in a comprehensive, timely and valid single source which supports the business in informed decision making.

Most businesses use multiple databases containing various elements of business information. The problem is that the information is generally not accessible from one place, timely, valid or complete. It often requires time consuming manual manipulation before it’s of use. Affinity solves these problems by combining multi source business information into a single source making it visible, reportable and useful.

Let our system do the work, manage compliance and remove risk.

Our clever eforms and workflow, automates to remove manual HR process. User configurable business rules remove the need to search for compliance issues as the system manages tasks and notifies your people of actionable events.

Cloud Computing eliminates the need for internal expert support and costs.

Affinity’s Human Resource Software (HRIS) and online payroll can expect to:

  • Lower labour costs by up to 5%
  • High Employee Engagement with an average +3.74% Operating Margin and +2.06% Net Profit Margin
  • Reduce 98% manual transaction management
  • Reduce 99% of payroll errors
  • Provide trusted inclusive information
  • Increase compliance